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Education work

Providing of training in three specialties required the development and publication of a large number of educational materials . Along with the publication of teaching materials to traditional printing method , most of the benefits created in electronic form , which significantly reduce their time to the public, and ensure prompt them to upgrade. Currently, the department has more than 100 items of educational materials. A team of employees of the Department prepared a textbook "Geodesy, Part 1" in Ukrainian, which has stood the three editions and is used in many educational institutions of Ukraine. Published manuals on photogrammetric, automation geodetic measurements; organization and planning of land activities, part-time and protection of buildings and structures on the undermining of coal-bearing areas.

In addition to the emphasis on the development of teaching materials , the efforts of the department were also aimed at the creation and upgrading of laboratory facilities . At the department , one of the first in the university computer labs have been set up , which are constantly being upgraded . Ensuring the department of modern geodetic and photogrammetric instruments is one of the best universities in Ukraine . In recent years the laboratory facilities are enriched not only theodolites and levels , along with their purchased : gravimeters , GPS- receivers , digital cameras , multimedia projectors , etc.

Processing pictures made with the help of computer photogrammetric stations , the software for which donated to the department by " Geosystem " ( Vinnitsa) , with which the Department is in constant creative connection . The company sends its new chair design to be tested in the course of the research and training of students, and the comments and suggestions made by the department are recognized by the company in its subsequent development.

Significant additions laboratory facilities was due to the project: «Iissuance of state acts on the ownership of land in rural areas and the development of cadastre." Under this project, the department received surveying equipment (GPS- receivers , total stations , etc.), computer and office equipment , software.

At the department is equipped and constantly with a 12-hour daily load function for students 4 computer labs . All computers are connected in a well-designed local area network of the department, which is part of the university network . This ensures that the output from the workplace, high-speed Internet access.

The department has a sufficient number of licensed software. Widely used in the learning process their own development : aerial triangulation adjustment programs , processing and adjustment of surveying and geodetic networks ( MGSeti ) , the program is forecast displacement and deformation of the Earth surface and the other members of the department are developed software for the intensification of the educational process , including training programs on various school rates.

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