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History of the Departament

At the beginnings of the Department of Geodesy was Surveying Department. In 1943, the Donetsk Industrial Institute in evacuated to the city Prokopevsk Kemerovo region, was organize the Surveying Department, which prepared engineers-surveyors.

In 1953, the department was divided into two independent part in the mining and geological departments: the Department of Geodesy and Surveying Department . With the active participation of the Head of the Surveying Department, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the USSR, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Ogloblin Dmitry Nikolayevich Department of Geodesy was quickly fitted with modern equipment at the time. It contributed to the choosing of the scientific direction of the department: improving methods of surveying shooting of open pit mining of minerals on the basis of application of photogrammetry.

Performing research on new scientific direction contributed to the growth of the scientific staff of the department. The development of the theory and practice of photogrammetric measurements of its implementation to solve production problems in enterprises is one of the main research fields of geodesy department.

Application of ground and aerial photo opportunities for needs of mining on open cast mining companies was the primary focus of the staff. The geography of open mountain works is rather extensive. So in USSR is a career of Donbass, Krivbass, Ordzhonikidze GOV; in Russia is КМА, Kola peninsula, Ural Mountains; in Armenia-Kadzharan; in Kabardino-Balkariya - Tyrnyauz.

For the first time in USSR in 1953 was made overland photography Komsomolsk career of Yelenovskiy Mining Administration (Donbass). Since 1958, under the heading of Professor Ogloblin and associate professor Reyzenkind began works on an aerial survey of open pits (city Dokuchaevsk).

For the first time in the former Soviet Union and Western Europe made aerial photography of open pits of Yelenovskii and Karakubskii mine groups.

The scope of land stereoshooting gradually extends, and since 1969 the group of employees of the departament uses it for observations over deformations and stability of engineering and architectural constructions. The result of further development of the research is the development of analytical methods for calculating the volume taken out of rock mass, surveying analytical photo triangulation with the use of computers and the creation of photogrammetric laboratories in Donbass and Krivbass. The real task of research was the creation of an automated system of surveying services (ASMO) in the widespread use of photogrammetry and computers.

Based on research conducted at the Department was 3 doctor’s and 11 master's dissertations. The department began training in engineering geodesy since 1982. Since 1995, the department opened a major "Geographic information systems and technology”. In 1999 was open a new majot - "Land management and cadastre" .

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