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Throughout the territory of our state, from urban conglomerates to small farmlands - buildings are everywhere, people construct everywhere. The construction of settlements, roads, canals, subway lines, tall buildings, land surveying works, the calculation of missile and space ships launches - all it builds up with the participation of labor Surveyor.

The work survey is preceded to every new construction. It is not as simple as it sounds, if you just look at the engineer working with the pipe mounted on a tripod. Surveyor job requires the development of such features as major attention, accuracy, spatial and mathematical thinking. Negligence in the work of engineer-surveyor may cause costly reconstructions. It is a profession of strong personalities who are not afraid of responsibility to make independent decisions.

Surveyors, but not geologists, may rightfully own a honorary title of pioneers Earth. Neither comprehensive nor special expedition is complete without a map made by skilled surveyor.

Geodesy is the science which studies the shape and size of the Earth surface or its individual parts by measuring, computing and plotting of maps and plans. Engineering surveying is based on mathematics, physics, geophysics, astronomy, geography, geology. It is closely connected with soil science, agriculture, land use planning, industrial and civil construction.

The use of automated work methods in many ways changed the traditional surveying technology of work, improved work culture. Now it is a highly intelligent computerized branch, which is closely related to the development of geographic information systems. Nowadays it is more appropriate to use the skilled specialist for effective use of computer technologies than to teach a programmer all the details of the geodesic art.

If your skills and parts of your character meet the requirements of engineer-surveyor, then maybe, someday, after many years you’ll visit again places where you worked in youth, and remember with emotion: "This road was laid with my participation, and I have done measurements for the foundation of a large shopping center".

In addition, a lot of famous people came out of a glorious cohort of surveyors. Among them are: writers ArsenievV. K. ("In the Sikhote-Alin Mountains," "Dersu Uzala") Fedoseev G. A. ("Evil Spirit of Iambic", "Death will wait for me," "Last bonfire"); cosmonaut Viktor Savinykh.

Graduate department in current profession is the department of Geoinformatics and Geodesy. It leads about 70% of studies on geodesy.

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