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Currently, the Department of Geoinformatics and Geodesy Donetsk National Technical University represents a team with creative, friendly climate. Teaching staff of the department maintains fruitful relations with all institutions of higher education of the CIS countries, which are surveying areas of training.           

In recent years, the department has been actively involved in the international Tempus project for the development of training programs and courses for the Master Land with universities in Sweden, Finland and Poland.

The key to the future expert has now become not only the ability to measure, but also knowledge in the field of computer science, law and economics graduates to find their place not only in the geodetic and survey organizations and on construction sites, but also in the administration of cities and districts, the courts , banks.           

Knowledge of the foundations of the theory of law, economic and land rights, and the economy Land enable graduates to work by experts on land use and real estate in the State administration, courts, banks, stock exchanges and others.           

The fundamental training in the field of computer science, remote sensing, satellite measurements, land management and development planning area opens to relevant technologies geoiformatsionnym employment opportunities and creating their own firms.           

The construction of settlements, roads, canals, underground lines, tall buildings, Land surveyor works, calculation of missile launches and space vehicles - all this is not without the participation of an engineer-surveyor.

The department provides training in the educational levels of higher education "Bachelor" (4-year training) and "Master" (duration 2 years) in the following directions:

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