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Science and Research Work

At the department conducted research in the following areas:

Geodesy (including satellite geodesy)

  • • high-precision control over the state of large equipment steel and cement industries;
  • • using GPS navigation in road transport, etc.

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

  • • using digital photogrammetry in geodesy, geoinformatics, mine surveying and mining;
  • • using stereophotogrammetric methods for surveying providing open pit mining;
  • • analytical triangulation network adjustment based GPS measurements and angles of cameras (Donetskphoto 2.0), etc.

Mathematical processing of geodetic measurements

  • • adjustment of geodetic networks;
  • • adjustment of surveying networks;
  • • adjustment and equalization of GPS measurements, etc.


  • • automation of land cadastral systems;
  • • input-output graphics in the cadastral GIS;
  • • automate the processes of formation of cadastral plans;
  • • using GIS for land cadastre;
  • • automation of the process of creating and maintaining land records;
  • • using GIS for assessing impact of underground mining on the ground surface;
  • • using GIS in the evaluation of real estate;
  • • calibration and self-calibration of scanner equipment;
  • • development of distance learning systems;
  • • clustering using the theory of fuzzy sets and multi-dimensional feature space;
  • • three-dimensional modeling of open pit mining, etc.

Land management, inventory, valuation of land and real estate

  • • legal, economic and technical description of the real estate (land and real property);
  • • legal and technical aspects of the formation of real estate;
  • • legal and technical aspects of the registration of property rights;
  • • assessment of the property;
  • • methods of assessment of land subjected to the harmful effects;
  • • explanation of the selection of factors of land and real estate cost;
  • • planning and development of real estate;
  • • theoretical principles of zoning and urban areas, etc.

Mine Surveying

  • • automation of surveying and design work for the development of the open fields;
  • • issues of displacement of rocks and the earth's surface in the development of coal deposits;
  • • monitoring problem areas closing mines of Donbass;
  • • the relationship of stress-strain state undermined the grounds and facilities;
  • • surveying mining without the presence of a person in a mine, etc.

Recently were performed following works:

  • 1. D-2-96 Theoretical Foundations of automated information system managers making decisions in providing surveying open cast mining. (Head Sholomitsky A)
  • 2. Development of the structure and conduct of the geomechanical monitoring in the closing mines Budennovsky and Proletarsky district of Donetsk. (Head Gavrylenko Y)
  • 3. Prediction of the displacement and deformation of the earth's surface in coal seams in real-time. (Head Gavrylenko Y)
  • 4. The methodological basis for the formation and maintenance of the three-dimensional inventory of land and real estate.
  • 5. Modeling shifts and deformations of the rock mass and the earth's surface in underground mining of coal seams in difficult geological conditions. (Head Gavrylenko Y)

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