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Services of the Departament

Staff of the department and our students can perform for you the following works

In the geodesy and GIS area:

• developing of automated system based on GIS technology;

• adopt GIS solutions for your problems;

• perform joining, calibration and affixment of raster images;

• develop digital survey technology;

• perform remote sensing data processing;

• perform vectorization of maps by raster images;

• designing and justify survey basis by GPS.

In the mine survey area:

• develop survey basis and project for digital survey of open pit mining ;

• concentration of survey basis by analytical triangulation method;

• develop survey basis of opencast mine by GPS method;

• construction of digital models of open pit mining;

• adapting software ARM mine surveyor for the conditions of development

• set of measurements at the observation stations and treatment outcomes;

• develop recommendations for the prediction of displacement and deformation of the earth's surface in a particularly difficult geological conditions.

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