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Visir 3D A software VISIR-3D is developed for geodetic high-precision verification of the equipment’s geometric parameters and installation it in a designed position.
MGSeti Adjustment of the mine surveying and geodetic networks. The software package "mine surveying and geodetic networks"
is intended to preprocessing of the accuracy and adjustment XYZ networks of arbitrary configuration. The software package combines a unique opportunity to adjust any network and search the gross errors which at the moment cannot provide any of the existing software of the such type.
Donetskphoto 2.0 A software for building and adjustment of the network of analytical triangulation.
Archive software of the department
ARMM A software of mine surveyor at open pit mine.
ASMO Automated surveying software for open pit mine.
ASGZK Automated system of state land cadastre in Donetsk region.
CERTIFICATES System “Certificate”.
ARMZ Workstation of land manager.

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