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«Land management and cadastre» (profile «Land management and cadastre»)

Land surveyors are expert in the planning and performing of the legal, economic, organizational, engineering, environmental and social measures aimed ultimately to modify or improve the existing order and content of land tenure or land use.

Land managers directly involved in the regulation of land and property relations in the course of the land reform.

The land ownership, land value and the land use, although in theory are independent, in practice, are closely linked. Each component of the land and real estate requires good governance, which requires the following information about the land and real estate:

  • • On the rights of property - to ensure proper protection of the ownership rights;
  • • On the land value - to ensure effective taxation of property and equity in land acquisition for public purposes;
  • • On the mode of land use - to ensure effective management of land use.

Land Surveyor should have the following skills at the end of training:

  • • Comprehensive knowledge of legal issues, as the land surveyor involved in the identification and registration of land rights, land disputes resolution, assessment of the impact of decision-making on the development of land use.
  • • Understanding the principles of the real estate market formation and functioning, the principles of economics of land and property, methods of land and real estate valuation.
  • • The ability to use modern methods of geodetic measurements and mapping. The result of this activity provides a cartographic basis for the land cadastre and registration system.
  • • Theoretical knowledge and practical skills on geographic information systems (GIS) as an important tool for decision-making in land management.

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